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Our Team

Here are a few of our courteous and professional team members. You may contact them directly by clicking on one of the email links listed below each name. If you do not see who you are looking for, please contact us and we will make sure he/she gets your message. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • John Vice - General Sales Manager
    John Vice
    General Sales Manager
    Business: 319-351-1993
    John is the General Manager for Carousel 2 for 14 years, He loves hair bands and his beautiful wife Julie.  John is a retired volunteer firefighter and looked amazing in his suit. John does a "drop dead" version of Vince Vaughn, ask him about it next time you visit the dealership.
  • Andrew Shepard - Sales person
    Andrew Shepard
    Sales person
    My name is Andrew Shepard and I'm very new to the automobile business. I came to Iowa from Alabama where I was employed by a shrimping boat captain. I am married to a beautiful woman who has blessed me with an amazing family and looks great in a mini van. I love Iowa and the people that live here. I'm very excited to make new friends and customers while I master my new trade. If you would like a new car or just want to talk shrimp I'm your guy. Can't wait to see you.
  • Bill Webee Webster - sales
    Bill Webee Webster
    Business: 319-351-1993
    Bill has been in the car business since before the internet existed. He loves his customers almost as much as his mini cooper. Bill and his lovely wife Julie reside in Cedar Rapids with all his birds leaving the nest. In his free time Bill enjoys Paglias pizza, road trips to Des Moines in the Mini and being a military assassin on his play station. Bill would love to make you an amazing deal on your next car!
  • Justin Batzkiel - Senior sales consultant
    Justin Batzkiel
    Senior sales consultant
    Business: 319-351-1993
    Justin has been with the Carousel Group for about 10 years. He loves competing in strong man contests and hanging out with his lovely wife Tabitha. When he is not picking up heavy things or hanging out with his wife (who is not a heavy thing to pick up) he is here with us making customers happy. He is a striking young fella who would love to make you an amazing deal on your next car!
  • Nick Donnan - Sales person
    Nick Donnan
    Sales person
    Business: 3193511993
    Hello I'm NickDonnan and I am a salesperson here at Carousel 2. I love helping people every day get the vehicle of their dreams. I recently got engaged to my best friend Melissa. Most people do not believe she is a real person but I promise this time I didn't make her up. I love to chear on the Cubs except for when Melissa is here because she loves the Cardinals so I love the Cardinals too. When Melissa and I are married I will root for the Cardinals full time because I love her and I will do whatever she says. If you would like to get a new vehicle from a salesman that will literally do whatever you say - look no more, I'm your guy! Can't wait to help you
  • Travis Schmelzer - Inventory Manager
    Travis Schmelzer
    Inventory Manager
    Business: 319-351-1993
    Travis has been with the Carousel group for over 10 years and is one of the nicest fellas you will ever meet. Travis spends most of his days raving about his beautiful family and how lucky he his. His beautiful wife Erin was a real big step above his playing field but they sure made a cute little daughter. Stop in any time and he will tell you all about them.


  • Dominic Axton - Finance Specialist
    Dominic Axton
    Finance Specialist
    Business: 319-351-1993
    Doctor Dom is Eastern Iowa's expert when it comes to the unique financing challenges that face consumers in a down economy. He has a great little family that he loves to spend his free time with and he loves shoes more than air. Call the Doctor today!!!